Dereos Roads 3

'worlds apart' out now!

Dereos Roads is an alternative hip-hop musician blending boom bap, blues, soul & new age soundscapes, complemented by creative & meaningful lyrics expressed through a raw vocal delivery for a dynamic sonic experience.

Based out of the Pittsburgh area, he's a 20 year veteran, formerly known as Proseed, who's shared the stage with acts such as Tech N9ne, Aesop Rock, Mr. Lif, Fat Lip, Blueprint and a host of other legendary indie hip-hop acts. He is also co-founder of the indie hip-hop label Surface Level Records.

We're worlds apart...for now.

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Rumor has it...

Spotify is about to screw over independent artists, taking our royalties from streams and spreading them amongst the musicians with yachts, Grammys and arena tours.

Here's how you can help. One, join my Grouped community, Down Those Dereos Roads, to get an inside look at my songwriting process, hear demos, catch exclusive footage of live shows and more. Two, support my merchandise. I offer CDs, vinyl, t-shirts and more. Three, buy a physical or digital album via Bandcamp or subscribe to my Bandcamp page for additional perks. If neither of those options suit you, or you just want to support my music without something in return, consider donating to my Tip Jar below, and thank you for considering.

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